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Famous for Italian Sausage...

Famous for
Italian Sausage…

Des Moines Italian Grocery  A Southside Tradition Since 1912

Des Moines Italian Grocery
A Southside Tradition Since 1912

…and a whole lot more!

Grazianos Brothers, Inc.  prides itself with the BEST fresh Italian sausage.  Based on the flavors Frank & Louis remembered as children in Italy, the product is now recognized as a legendary commodity from Iowa.  In addition to our sausage, we specialize in Italian imported and domestic foods to stock the best Italian pantries!  You will find a wonderful assortment of oils, tomato products, pastas, breads, cheeses, and meats…everything to make a delicious meal or snack.


Hot – Cold – Make Your Own!

Hungry fo a good “sangwich”?  Look no further!

Whet your appetite on the likes of a Franco, Bada Bing, Knuckle, or Muffaletta for starters.  Naturally, we can’t sell sandwiches without offering our famous sausage grinder!!

Graziano Brothers History
(Frank & Louis)

Calabrese immigrants Frank and Louis Graziano, founders of Graziano Brothers, Inc., opened a grocery business in 1912 on South Union Street in an area that eventually became known as Little Italy.


Wholesale Accounts

We welcome the opportunity to service wholesale customers within the Des Moines and surrounding areas.  In addition to our wonderful fresh Italian sausage, we offer products and supplies to meet most restaurant and catering needs such as:  cheese; pasta; flour; spices, condiments; tomato products, and restaurant supplies.  For more information please call (515) 244-7103.


OK, I hate to admit, but I have been on this planet for 50+ yrs, I even lived on the Southside for many years, yet Today, was the fist time I have made it into Graziano Bros. My 1st stop of the day was B&B {another "step back in time" must stop} for some killer sammy's, then onto Graziano, and like others have stated, as soon as you take 2 steps inside, the awesome aroma of spices welcome you. you have great spices, breads, pastas, meats & cheeses to choose from. I say take your time and try it all…read more


Fresh meats and cheeses this is the place!!  We bought 1 pound of roast beef and a few different cheeses.  Check out the shelfs from fresh breads to seasons and pastas!  When you walk in all the wonderful smells will help you buy more.  Great staff!  Maybe try and go during the week.  20 min. Wait times on Saturdays but worth every minute!

Eric J

I have loved the Graziano sausage for a long time. I finally got to check out the awesome store today. You walk in and you are engulfed in a beautiful smell of all the best Italian smells you an imagine. The isiles are lined with unique items and everything you could need to make the best meal in every way. I highly recommend you stop and pick up your choice of cheese and sausage.

Kristin M

What a neat little store! If you go to most Italian restaurants in the DSM metro, you'll see Graziano Bros sausage on the menu and for good reason. My daughter's preschool was having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser and I had the task of picking up the meatballs. The store isn't large but it has everything you need for a great Italian meal. Since I was only there to pick up and pay for the meatballs, I only perused the store when first entering. Then I went to the meat counter to request my meatball pickup. A nice man went and…read more

Andrea T
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