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What a neat little store!

If you go to most Italian restaurants in the DSM metro, you’ll see Graziano Bros sausage on the menu and for good reason.

My daughter’s preschool was having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser and I had the task of picking up the meatballs. The store isn’t large but it has everything you need for a great Italian meal. Since I was only there to pick up and pay for the meatballs, I only perused the store when first entering. Then I went to the meat counter to request my meatball pickup. A nice man went and got the meatballs. While I waited, a lady and I talked as she weighed out and packaged product. Such nice people! They even delivered the four boxes of meatballs to my vehicle.

Everyone who attended the fundraiser raves about the meatballs. Definitely some of the best meatballs around!

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